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The ELI Advantage

We leverage economies of scale to offer our revolutionary fiber, hurd, and dust products at incredibly competitive prices.


Premium Quality at Scale

The capacity and efficiency of our zero-waste industrial hemp processing system allows us to produce hemp fiber, hurd, and dust at the scale and quality expected by large-scale manufacturers creating thousands of different products.

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Machinery in an industrial hemp manufacturing facility stacking hemp building materials.

State of the Art Equipment

After an exhaustive search for the most advanced fiber processing equipment available, ELI has sourced proven technology developed by a highly-respected international firm with over a hundred years experience in providing machined technical solutions. This equipment has demonstrated ability to consistently produce the best possible hemp fiber, hurd and dust available in established international hemp fiber markets.

Machinery in an industrial hemp manufacturing facility forming hemp building material.

Zero Waste Facilities

We are committed to clean and efficient hemp fiber, hurd and dust production. Our facilities optimize every part of the production process to boost the industrial hemp market in the US with exceptionally consistent, quality hemp products that are responsibly made and ready to meet the needs of the most demanding manufacturers.

GHS Industries, Inc. 

ELI is proud to be partnered with GHS Industries, Inc., –the leading US provider of agriculture and hemp processing equipment– for the procurement of our innovative technology.

GHS Industries’ mission is to set the standard for excellence and integrity in industrial processing with proven solutions to achieve uniformed quality results at scale while working diligently to advance technology in processing infrastructure.


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