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Hemp Hurd

Hemp hurd, also known as core or shiv, is the internal woody substance and makes up the majority of the hemp plant stalk. The hurd derived from this part of the stalk has thousands of uses across a wide array of industries, most notably animal bedding, absorbents, mulch, and the production of building material such as hempcrete and wood substitutes.

ELI Delivers The Highest Quality Hurd Available

ELI’s vision of unleashing the power of industrial hemp for a cleaner Environment, healthier Living, and smarter Industries begins with our focus on quality hemp hurd. ELI paves the way for the adoption of hemp hurd used in the manufacturing of thousands of products by delivering consistently high quality hurd at an industrial scale never before realized in the U.S. market.

Close-up of hemp hurd.

High Tech Meets Hemp

ELI’s high quality hurd product is produced through a multiple stage decortication and cleaning process. Both hurd and bast fiber are transported to each station via pneumatic ducts, which separate dust accumulated from the various processes from the product at each station. In addition, hurd and bast fibers undergo a multiple stage cleaning and separation process to further remove hurd from bast fibers, and dust from the hurd product. With our multi-stage cleaning process and vacuum transport from each stage, our material exits our facility free of any particulates, providing the cleanest, most uniform hemp hurd available. 


Interior of an industrial plant with machinery, steel pipelines, valves, and ladders.

Tailored to Meet Our Customers' Needs

The hemp core can be packaged in compact bales ranging from 5,10, and 20kg bales or shipped in bulk super sacks. Our hurd product is baled at a standard average size between ⅜” and ½”, but can be processed to meet our customers’ desired size and specifications.

The inside of a storage facility with multiple pallets of stacked bags of hemp hurd.

The Power of Hurd

Absorbents and Animal Bedding

Whether used as animal and pet bedding or spill cleanups, the lightweight, odor-controlling and highly porous nature of hemp hurd makes it an ideal absorbent material for a wide variety of needs. ELI’s high quality hurd product is thoroughly cleaned of all particulates significantly reducing the risk of respiratory infections in animals when used over products like hay, sawdust, or other milling waste. 

Hempcrete Construction

Industries are rediscovering the potential of this hemp lime material shown to be fireproof, mold and pest resistant, noise dampening, vapor permeable and highly insulative. Consisting of only three ingredients: hemp hurd, a lime binder, and water, this industry-transforming material provides an economic and effective building material substitute. All-natural ingredients means the product never releases harmful chemicals into your living or working environment and there are no plastics, adhesives, chemicals, synthetic fabrications, or flammable materials involved in its production. 

Food Packaging and Preservation

Hemp hurd has shown promising capabilities to be used in the packaging and delivery of food products. Its lightweight and antimicrobial properties enable it to be used as an effective resource to extend the shelf life of food. Its environmentally friendly nature reduces pollution and provides healthier options to the vast amounts of packaging used today. 


Hemp-derived bioplastic is quickly standing out as the best alternative to petroleum-based plastics in use today. Traditional plastics can take hundreds of years to biodegrade, whereas bioplastics made from hemp can fully biodegrade in as few as 18 months. The adverse harm petroleum-based plastics have on our ecosystems and our health will be eliminated with the widespread adoption of hemp-made biodegradable plastic. 


From water filtration to carbon sequestration and soil rejuvenation, biochar is a solution just as revolutionary as the hemp plant itself. Hemp hurd material is an extremely porous product with large amounts of surface area, making it an ideal economic alternative for producing biochar. Hemp-made biochar provides solutions for carbon buildup, poor soil health, water purity, farmer profitability, landfill accumulation, renewable energy, and much more. 

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