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Our Story

The story of ELI is one of purpose and resolve in the face of adversity that drives our mission to better the lives of millions of families so that none may ever have to face the challenges endured by our founder and his family.

In 2015, ELI’s founder, Bryan Wilson was expecting a child. His wife began experiencing undiagnosed autoimmune disorders. The recently wed couple were elated to have conceived their first child, despite the challenges. Tragically, within weeks of her due date, the couple received the news they had so feared. Their unborn son, named Eli, passed away on April, 17, 2016. 

Cleaner, Safer Homes

Determined to find an answer, they consulted countless specialists. It wasn’t until a highly-respected doctor suggested having their home thoroughly checked for mold that they were able to discover the underlying cause of their hardships. The Wilson’s home had built up toxic mold, causing Bryan’s wife’s health problems and ultimately, the loss of their beloved son. 

Convinced that no one should ever fear living in a home that makes them or their family sick, Bryan had a mission. With this newfound purpose, Bryan researched better options for cleaner, safer homes. He quickly stumbled upon the capabilities of industrial hemp as a superior and healthier building material. Hemp has proven mold-resistant properties, the ability to increase airflow and reduces the buildup of toxic gases in the home, along with countless environmental advantages. With this discovery, Bryan knew he had found an answer and his calling. 

The Journey to ELI

Bryan found an ally in Thomas Hoffman and Kyle Huttenlocker, and the three began their journey to realize the potential of industrial hemp. Together, they founded an industrial hemp processing company, named Environmental Living Industries, or ELI, as a homage to Bryan’s lost son, and a constant, forever reminder of our company’s purpose. 

Today, the Wilsons live in Bastrop, Texas and have two gorgeous, healthy children. And ELI, under the leadership of Bryan Wilson, Thomas Hoffman, and Kyle Huttenlocker, drives forward, resolved to offer a cleaner, healthier, and smarter way to live for millions of families. 

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